Invest like you give a damn.

Because your values are our core business. Since 1998, Horizons Sustainable Financial Services has maintained an exclusive focus in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investments (SRI).


Plan like you mean it.

Because your values are our core business, we will steer your investments for the long term.


Make your money meaningful.

Because we work for what you care most about, we will take into account your values, lifestyle, and goals for today and the future.


Manage your money and your life.

Because we work for what you care most about, we have moved financial services in a values direction for the last 18 years.


Give to what matters most.

Because it’s your money and your life, we plan to ensure that your charitable donations align with your values.


Build a better portfolio.

Because it’s your money and your life, our portfolio management features exceptional due diligence about companies’ business practices.


Start where financial goals and values meet:

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services offers a full range of investment services to further socially conscious values. Whether you’re already familiar with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) principles or looking to learn more about them, we can guide you in both selecting investments that support your personal values and engaging in shareholder advocacy to positively influence corporate behavior.

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Plans for SRI focused Advisors:

At Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, we have two main ways to help advisors pondering a big change: a Transition System, for those looking to change their fundamental business relationships and models, and a Retirement System, for those who are ready to retire and want to find a new home for their clients.

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Our Approach

Sustainable, Socially Just Investment Practices

Horizons specializes in personalized service that takes into account your values, lifestyle, goals, and current financial situation. Our clients range from experienced investors to newcomers to the world of finance, those who seek to expand an existing portfolio, young people just starting out, people looking to manage a recent inheritance or plan for retirement—anyone seeking to support SRI principles as a way of aligning their finances with their values.

Unlike some large investment houses that include SRI as a smaller, less important offshoot of their overall business, Horizons maintains SRI as our exclusive focus, and pursues SRI values in our overall business practices as well as in our personal lifestyle choices. More about us…

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Your initial consultation is free of charge.

While it is not necessary to bring any documents with you to our first meeting, it can be helpful to have any pertinent investment statements and tax returns at hand to assist us further in evaluating your needs.


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