Invest like you give a damn.

Because your values are our core business. Since 1998, Horizons Sustainable Financial Services has maintained an exclusive focus in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investments (SRI). Get Started Now!


Invest like you give a damn.

Because your values are our core business. Since 1998, Horizons Sustainable Financial Services has maintained an exclusive focus in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investments (SRI).


Plan like you mean it.

Because your values are our core business, we will steer your investments for the long term.


Make your money meaningful.

Because we work for what you care most about, we will take into account your values, lifestyle, and goals for today and the future.


Manage your money and your life.

Because we work for what you care most about, we have moved financial services in a values direction for the last 18 years.


Give to what matters most.

Because it’s your money and your life, we plan to ensure that your charitable donations align with your values.


Build a better portfolio.

Because it’s your money and your life, our portfolio management features exceptional due diligence about companies’ business practices.


Start where financial goals and values meet:

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services offers a full range of investment services to further socially conscious values. Whether you’re already familiar with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) principles or looking to learn more about them, we can guide you in both selecting investments that support your personal values and engaging in shareholder advocacy to positively influence corporate behavior.

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Plans for SRI focused Advisors:

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services is pleased to announce two new plans to help advisors pondering a big change: Horizons Advisor Transition System, for those looking to change their fundamental business relationships and models, and Horizons Advisor Retirement Plan, for those who are ready to retire and want to find a new home for their clients.

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Deep Impact Investing Podcast

Welcome to our podcast, Deep Impact Investing, where talk with you in-depth about an exciting and even earth-moving trend.

In future episodes, we’ll be answering your questions as you contemplate whether you’re investing like you give a damn. Email us with your questions at And please tune in and refer others to Deep Impact Investing!

Deep Impact Investing

Season 2: Episode 07:
Discover Sustainable Investing — With Sonya Dreizler

Have you heard of sustainable investing, but you’re not sure what it’s all about?

Today, Kimberly Griego-Kiel speaks with Sonya Dreizler about the sustainable investment industry. They discuss how advisors can make impact investing more accessible to the average advisor, and then they go on to uncover the industry’s top trends.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The inspirational role that Sonya’s mother played in her life
  • How the social impact industry is changing the standard in the corporate industry to include more women and minorities
  • Ways companies can be encouraged to do the right thing in areas concerning their employees’ and social issues like race
  • How to make impact investing more accessible to the average investor
  • Why advisors should share sustainable investing opportunities with each other and their clients
  • And a lot more!

Listen now to learn about sustainable investing and how it can benefit the average investor.

Resources:  Horizons Sustainable Financial Services: (505) 982-9661 | | Horizons Facebook | Solutions with Sonya | Sonya Dreizler

Deep Impact Investing

Season 2: Episode 06:
What You Need to Know for the 2019 Shareholder Advocacy Proxy Season

The shareholder advocacy proxy season is upon us, yet many investors are unaware of just how important their votes and voices are.

As a way of bringing about meaningful change in the companies you’re invested in, shareholder proxy voting is one of Kimberly Griego-Kiel’s biggest passions. Today, she’s breaking down everything you need to know about proxy voting, from what it is to why it’s important for you to participate in.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The qualifications you need to file a shareholder resolution
  • What resources to use to get informed about the current proxy season
  • The top issues of the 2019 proxy season — from climate change to drug costs
  • Examples of early voting successes
  • Why you need to pay attention to how your mutual fund is voting
  • And more!

Listen now to learn how you can use your voice this proxy voting season to help make changes that matter!

Resources:  As You Sow | Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Deep Impact Investing

Season 2: Episode 05:
How Sante Fe is Going Green — With Glenn Schiffbauer

Santa Fe may be a small community, but they’re taking big steps on the path to going green.

Today, Kimberly Griego-Kiel is joined by Glenn Schiffbauer, the executive director of the Santa Fe Green Chamber, to explore how Santa Fe is becoming increasingly sustainable and why businesses are starting to focus more on the triple bottom line.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Santa Fe Green Chamber is incorporating more advocacy and implementation into their work
  • About the current hot topic issues like tax credits and the Energy Transition Act
  • How the Santa Fe community is incorporating sustainability into their businesses and community college
  • The innovation that’s helping restaurants save millions of gallons of water a year
  • Why businesses need to take the lead when it comes to sustainability
  • And more!

Join Kimberly and Glenn now for an enlightening conversation on Santa Fe and the steps it’s taking for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce | Meow Wolf

Photo of Johann Klaassen and Kim Griego Kiel by Gabriella Marks
Our Approach

Sustainable, Socially Just Investment Practices

Horizons specializes in personalized service that takes into account your values, lifestyle, goals, and current financial situation. Our clients range from experienced investors to newcomers to the world of finance, those who seek to expand an existing portfolio, young people just starting out, people looking to manage a recent inheritance or plan for retirement—anyone seeking to support SRI principles as a way of aligning their finances with their values.

Unlike some large investment houses that include SRI as a smaller, less important offshoot of their overall business, Horizons maintains SRI as our exclusive focus, and pursues SRI values in our overall business practices as well as in our personal lifestyle choices. More about us…

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Your initial consultation is free of charge.

While it is not necessary to bring any documents with you to our first meeting, it can be helpful to have any pertinent investment statements and tax returns at hand to assist us further in evaluating your needs.


Market Conditions and Performance Expectations

  Current Market Conditions and Short-Term Expectations: Whenever the major US stock indexes reach new highs, or tumble unexpectedly, we hear from a few of our clients with worries about the near future. The S&P 500 (a broad index representing the largest US-based companies) hit new all-time highs in late…

Updated Financial & Tax Data for 2018

As we expected, the “final” revisions made to the tax code by the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” passed into law last December weren’t quite as final as supposed. There are a handful of provisions that didn’t turn out the way the Congressional Republicans intended, so they are trying to…

Correction or Bear Market?

It’s hard to avoid hearing the rumbling sound coming from Wall Street over the last couple of weeks. Even news outlets that don’t normally mention market news have spent at least a few minutes on the wild ups and downs – okay, mostly downs – of the major indexes. And…