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Deep Impact Investing

Ep 41 – An In-Depth Look at Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)

You’ve likely heard the term CSR (Corporate Sustainability Reporting) at least once. But do you really know what this type of reporting entails and why it’s so important?

Find out in this episode as Kimberly Griego-Kiel takes you along for an in-depth look at CSR. By outlining its benefits, challenges, solutions, and guidelines, Kim explains CSR’s role within corporations and reveals how it fits into the overall idea of sustainability.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The history and purpose of Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)
  • Challenges associated with CSR
  • The role of CSR in a firm’s profit and ESG metrics
  • Kim’s take on how to achieve good quality CSR
  • How millennials are shaping the future of sustainability
  • And more!

Listen in for your crash course on the ins and outs of CSR!

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