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Exploring Horizons in Carbon Energy: Divestment and Engagement

By August 22, 2014May 21st, 2019Events, Leadership News


Horizons Sustainable Financial Services Presents:
“Exploring Horizons in Carbon Energy: Divestment and Engagement”

September 16 & 17, 6 to 8 pm — Jean Cocteau Cinema, Santa Fe


Santa Fe, NM — August 22, 2014 — Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, a Santa Fe-based registered investment advisory firm, announced a two-evening event about carbon energy, climate change, and investment-driven solutions: “Exploring Horizons in Carbon Energy: Divestment and Engagement”. Both evenings’ events will be free and open to the public at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, at 418 Montezuma in Santa Fe.

On Tuesday, September 16th, at 6 pm, the documentary A Climate of Change will be screened. A powerful new film by young Canadian filmmaker Ray Kocur, A Climate of Change explores the climate-related problems caused by reliance on fossil fuels. “My film features a selection of Canada’s foremost climate scientists as they discuss their research relating to our changing planet,” said Kocur. “It takes a holistic approach, comparing different data sets to derive common sense associations that expose the immediate and future dangers of climate change.” Kocur will take questions from the audience after the screening.

The next evening, Wednesday, September 17th, also at 6 pm, a panel of experts from the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investment industry will discuss some ways we can use our investment dollars to create positive change. Johann Klaassen, Chief Investment Officer of Horizons, will moderate the panel, and will be joined on stage by:

“We’re well past the point where climate-change denialism is anything but a crackpot’s position, and we can’t continue pumping carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere for much longer,” said Klaassen. “As investors, should we divest from carbon energy companies, or continue to engage with them in order to push them into a low-carbon future?”

Horizons would like to offer special thanks to Calvert Investments, Pax World Investments, and Portfolio 21 Investments for their generous sponsorship of these evenings, and to Domini Social Investments, Green Century Funds, and Praxis Mutual Funds / Everence Financial for their financial support.

Visit for more information about “Exploring Horizons in Carbon Energy”. For news and updates about the event and broader issues about SRI investments, follow Horizons:

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