Working with Horizons

Is there a charge for meeting with you?

No, your initial consultation is offered free of charge. We need to meet to see if we are a good fit for each other.

What do I need to start?

Prior to our initial, complimentary meeting, we ask that you download our Preliminary Client Worksheet and SRI Policy Worksheet. By filling these out in advance, you give us the opportunity to do an in-depth evaluation of your needs and investment goals, and if you already have investments it is helpful to bring copies of your statements and tax returns.

Do you have a minimum investment requirement?

We don’t require a minimum investment because we believe everyone should have access to a good financial advisor, regardless of their net worth.

Do I have to be in Santa Fe, or can you work with clients at a distance?

We can work with clients in any location. Horizons has teleconferencing capabilities, so we can conduct “in-person” meetings wherever you are, to help us maintain a personal connection.

Do you do stock trading?

Individual stocks are an option for clients with larger total assets, usually in the over-$250,000 range.

How do I get money from my account?

To withdraw or transfer money from your account you need to speak with one of us directly. We cannot accept trade information via voicemail or email.

How liquid is my money?

Mutual funds trade at the end of the day and you can receive the funds in 2–4 days. Individual stocks take 3 days to close, and you will receive cash in 3–5 days.

What can I do with my old 401K?

You can roll it over into your own Individual Retirement Account (IRA), which gives you control over how it is invested.

I’d like to start a retirement account. Do I need a nest egg to begin?

You can start a retirement account with as little as $100 per month. The key is to get started.