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Leadership News — Johann Appointed to the Board of Officers of the American Philosophical Association

Last month I wrote about joining the American Philosophical Association’s “Committee on Non-Academic Careers”. That process put my CV/resume in front of some key people at a key moment in May, just as they were beginning a search for a new Treasurer. I was asked to serve in that role on the APA’s Board of Officers, and was confirmed in an online Board meeting at the end of August.

The Treasurer is primarily responsible for overseeing the APA’s finances and investments, including its endowment, reserves, prize funds, and so on. These funds are held and managed by TIAA, and the Treasurer and Executive Director Amy Ferrer work with the TIAA account manager to make sure that things are on track. The Treasurer also sits on the Finance Committee, and so reviews the financial reports and budget for the APA. I’ll be “shadowing” the previous Treasurer for now, and will take over in July of 2024 for a three-year term.

This volunteer position will not take significant time from my work at Horizons. In addition to reviewing the APA’s financial reports as they come out, I’ll participate in a few virtual Board meetings each year, and one in-person multi-day meeting each fall. This year, that in-person meeting will be in Atlanta — and just prior to the usual meeting agenda, there will be a reception and lecture hosted by the Philosophy Departments of Morehouse College and Spelman College, at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel; Professor Michele Moody-Adams of Columbia University, Vice-President of the APA’s Eastern Division, will speak.

I look forward to serving the APA’s 7000+ members in this important fiduciary role.