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Welcome to our podcast, Deep Impact Investing, where we talk with you in-depth about an exciting and even earth-moving trend.

In future episodes, we’ll be answering your questions as you contemplate whether you’re investing like you give a damn. Email us with your questions at And please tune in and refer others to Deep Impact Investing!

Getting Started with Horizons Sustainable Financial Services

Direct, Personal and Impactful.

Horizons specializes in personalized service that takes into account your values, lifestyle, goals, and current financial situation. Our clients range from experienced investors to newcomers to the world of finance, those who seek to expand an existing portfolio, young people just starting out, people looking to manage a recent inheritance or plan for retirement—anyone seeking to support SRI principles as a way of aligning their finances with their values.

For SRI Advisors

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services is pleased to offer two plans to help advisors pondering a big change: Horizons Advisor Transition System (HATS), for those looking to change their fundamental business relationships and models, and Horizons Advisor Retirement Plan (HARP), for those who are ready to retire and want to find a new home for their clients.

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