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The Importance of Being Gender Aware in the Trump Era and Beyond

By Gender Issues, Leadership News, Politics, Resources, Social Justice

Last week we saw our Commander In Chief, Trump, unilaterally decide that Transgender individuals were no longer fit to serve in the military. Too expensive he said. Unequivocally untrue, but what isn’t that comes out of this administration these days? The backlash was immediate. The call from GLBTQ organizations was…

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Love Wins

By Leadership News, Social Justice

We at Horizons Sustainable Financial Services are pleased with today’s decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (the official text of the decision, with dissents, is available here) allowing for the freedom to marry one’s same-sex partner. As the President of Horizons and one half of the lead…

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Reasons for Long-term Optimism

By Leadership News

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the reasons we have for short-term optimism — the reasons why we think that 2015 is likely to be a good year for the markets, and for social justice and environmental sustainability. But, naturally enough, talking about optimism for the short term…

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