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Horizons Sustainable Financial Services Announces Zero Carbon Energy Portfolios

By July 26, 2013May 21st, 2019Leadership News

Santa Fe, NM — Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, a Santa Fe-based registered investment advisory firm, announces a new line of well-diversified mutual fund portfolios with no exposure to any companies directly involved in the production of fossil fuels. With these Zero Carbon Energy portfolios, Horizons joins a very small group of firms offering fossil fuel free mutual fund strategies.

Inspired by the media campaigns of such activist organizations as and The Fossil Free Campaign (, a large and growing number of investors are asking their advisors for portfolios with no stake in any carbon energy companies. “Many of our clients have asked if we can offer them a fossil fuel free portfolio,” said Kim Kiel, President of Horizons. “With our new Zero Carbon Energy strategies, we can offer these portfolios to everyone.”

The portfolios are built on a “sustainable, responsible, impact” (“SRI”) investing foundation. “These prudently-diversified portfolios use mutual funds from some of the leaders in the SRI industry,” said Johann Klaassen, Chief Investment Officer of Horizons. “So the clients who choose these portfolios get the best in screening (both positive and negative) as well as strong commitments to shareholder advocacy efforts and the real-world impact of community investment.”

Zero Carbon Energy portfolios are currently in use with some Horizons clients. Financial professionals interested in making these portfolios available to their own clients may contact Horizons at